Open your door to the world of cleaning with Wipe Out Clutter of Battle Creek, MI.

This house cleaning service is built to fit small spaces and packed with features such as the thorough cleaning of your home and dusting of all furniture and appliances, plus free deodorizing. Welcome to the Wipe Out Clutter family.

Our goal is to create a clean house while saving time and money for the customer. The Wipe Out Clutter Team provides home cleaning and maid services, making our services as customized to your needs as possible. We can: Wash Dishes- Light Carpet Cleaning- Dusting / Wiping Down Windows- Sweep and Mop- Vacuum and/or Shampoo Rug/Runners- Toilet Bowl Cleaning- Dust and Polish Furniture- Bed making and changing sheets.

Call 260-249-4794 today to speak with a professional home cleaner.